About Us

Center for Climate and Sustainable Finance (CCSF) Universitas Indonesia was established in 2022. Along with its sister organizations: the Research Centre for Climate Change (RCCC) Universitas Indonesia and the SDGs Hub Universitas Indonesia, CCSF is institutionalized under the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) at Universitas Indonesia. 

CCSF Universitas Indonesia was built with the purpose of further expanding a more than decade track record of stellar climate and biodiversity research and teaching expertise spearheaded by RCCC and SDGs Hub Universitas Indonesia. With a focus on finance, CCSF Universitas Indonesia responds to the dire need of tackling complex global discussions of how to formulate finance policy that truly delivers in the attempt of averting the climate crisis in Indonesia.

Our Missions

  1. Bring knowledge and academic rigor from climate and biodiversity sciences into discussions about finance to address pressing challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss at scale and accelerate the transition to a sustainable society;
  2. Create policy proposals for climate and sustainable finance that are informed by evidence and appropriate to the contexts, taking into account the expertise of industry, government, and community;
  3. Build stakeholder capacities for climate and sustainable finance at the national and subnational levels with cutting-edge research and policy innovation