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Indonesia currently has the most transformative fiscal transfer for forest conservation in the world. Starting this year (2023), Indonesia has launched general-purpose fiscal transfers (DAU/Dana Alokasi Umum) from the national to sub-national governments allocated according to the size of forest cover of provinces, districts and municipalities country wide. Forest cover […]

How diverse is Indonesia’s response to an early retirement of coal-fired power plants? How diverse is such response when its impact on vulnerable groups is considered? How may subnational governments pay for their assigned responsibilities for energy transition? The Center for Climate and Sustainable Finance (CCSF) of the Institute for […]

The Sub-National Development Bank (SNDB) continues increasing its contribution to Indonesia’s economy and regional development. With 27 SNDBs registered by the OJK, recorded at the beginning of 2022, SNDB’s total assets reached 885 trillion rupiahs, with a year-on-year profit of 3.6 trillion rupiahs and core capital of 94 trillion. In […]

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